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undisturbed. This is because working out knots present in deep muscles is sometimes painful and not relaxing at all, which contradicts the entire purpose of the massage. 
To make your massage more enjoyable and relaxing, let go of your worries and try focusing on your breathing. Being in a meditative state allows for your body to further relax and creates a more mindful experience. As a result, benefits of this massage are magnified. Some benefits of this massage style include a lowered heart-rate, reduced levels of insulin, as well as cortisol. Due to the nature of massages, the movements allow for better blood circulation and release of lactic acid from your muscles.  
This massage is an excellent technique to request for your first time, or you are looking to simply unwind after a busy week. You should not go into this massage expecting for it to rid your body of all knots and tensions, that's what deep tissue massage is for. 

Relaxation Massage

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          Relaxation Massage is a gentle massage with Swedish origins that uses soft and delicate strokes to allow for your body to fully fall into relaxation mode. Slow strokes and light pressure will be used to ensure optimal relaxation. Been stressed about work, relationships, or just life in general? Relaxation massage can fix that! Paired with our carefully selected soothing music, our massage therapists will give you an out-of-body, stress-free experience. Unlike deep tissue massage, the tension your deeper muscles will remain  

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